SNOW DUST - decorative effect for interior


  • resistant to wash

  • ready to use

  • ecological, water-dilutable

  • perfect application parameters.

  • very short time of application

  • fast-drying – dries within approx. 2 hours, allows to use a room just after 12 hours.


Average consumption:

- PRODUCT 1 approx. 0,5 l/m² (1 l of product =  approx. 5 m² of decoration),

- PRODUCT 2 approx. 0,2 l/m² (1 l of product =  approx. 5 m² of decoration).

Note that the coverage depends on substrate texture, absorptiveness and preparation, intended decorative effect, installer’s experience, coat thickness, number of coats, application method. In order to check the actual coverage for particular conditions, one should apply a sample upon the actual substrate first. 

Product used in the following effects: