PEARL RELIEF - thin-coat, ecological paint


PEARL RELIEF is an easy-to-use semi-transparent structural paint designed for application of thin-coat decorations. It forms a surficial pearl effect with intermingled layers. The product produces exclusive pearl decorative coating, with an effect coming back to the antique techniques of decoration. Forms an effect of pearl polished marble.

The main characteristics:
• structural paint


7 ready-made colours

pearl effect with optical surficial depth

The main parameters:
• consumption: up to 0.125 kg/m² (1 kg products for approx. 8 m² of decoration – for a single coat).
• time of drying: approx. 2 hours*

*The time is recommended for the application at the temperature 23°C and humidity 55% (approx.). In lower temperature and higher humidity the time can extend.

Product used in the following effects:


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