KALAHARI MATT - latex structural interior paint


Effect of shimmering diamonds – easy in use decorative paint forming an effect of shimmering diamond flecks of slightly spatial structure. Paint imparts beauty and elegance to the interiors. Rooms coated with DIAMENTO 3D allow to transfer to the world of luxury.

The main characteristics:

  • effect imitates shimmering diamond flecks

  • easy to apply with a brush

  • 4 ready-to-use colours

  • high yield

  • resistant to washing

The main parameters:
• consumption: up to 0.2 kg/m² (1 kg products for approx. 5 m² of decoration – for a single coat).
• time of drying: approx. 2 hours*

*The time is recommended for the application at the temperature 23°C and humidity 55% (approx.). In lower temperature and higher humidity the time can extend.

Product used in the following effects: