cassel soil

ashy brown

orange aurora

natural linen

misty daybreak

amazon breeze

mineral redness

chocolate bar

sunny glow

raspberry sorbet

menthol green

caramel tinge

breton blue

alpine violet

milky cocoa

lime rock

blue lagoon

concrete loft

coconut cream

graphite greyness

pistachio ice cream

available colours:

phases of the effect application:

phase I: Prime the surface with Bonding Primer.

phase IV: Tear the foil off with a quick move.

phase II: Apply approx. 2 mm thick coat of Relief with a venetian plastering trowel.

phase V: Apply coloured Pearl Patina with a roller upon the dry surface. 

phase III: Apply strips of stretch foil upon wet material and slightly form the pattern with a hand.

*optional phase VI: When Pearl Patina dries, the surface can be coated with Decorative Varnish with addition of Brocade.

products necessary for the effect application and their average consumption:

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Bonding Primer
approx. 7 m²/kg


approx. 0,9 m²/kg

Pearl Patina

approx. 6 m²/l

Pigment Concentrate 40 ml
1pcs./1L of Patina



Decorative Varnish

approx. 20 m²/l