available colours:

cassel soil

chocolate bar

milky cocoa

graphite greyness

caramel tinge

phases of the effect application:

phase I: Apply Lime Travertine upon the primed surface, keep coat thickness same as the grain size.

phase IV: Coat the surface with Decorative Varnish.

phase II: Slightly moist the surface with water before application of the second coat. Apply the second coat of Travertine.

phase V: Apply Varnish coloured with Pigment.

phase III: Scratch scores and smooth the surface with a trowel when the material keeps drying.

phase VI: Wash excessive Varnish with a sponge, rinse the sponge with water frequently.

products necessary for the effect application and their average consumption:

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Bonding Primer
approx. 7 m²/kg

Lime Travertine (fine)

approx. 0,7 m²/kg

Decorative Varnish

approx. 15 m²/l

Decorative Varnish

approx. 20 m²/l

Pigment 20 ml

1 pc./1L Varnish

colouring: 1 tube Pigment 20 ml/1L Decorative Varnish