avaliable colours:

phases of the effect application:

phase I: Apply Decorative Concrete with a roller upon a primed substrate.

phase IV: Slightly moisten the substrate with water prior to the application of the next coat. Apply the mass. When the product starts to dry, smoothen the whole surface with a trowel edge until

an expected level of smoothness is reached.

phase II: Smoothen the surface with a trowel edge.

phase V: Remove stuck tape when the surface keeps wet.

phase III: When the surface of Decorative Concrete dries, stick the tape imitating joints.

phase VI: Coat the surface thoroughly with Decorative Varnish.

products necessary for the effect application and their average consumption:

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Bonding Primer

approx. 7 m²/kg


Decorative Concrete

approx. 1,1 m²/kg


Decorative Varnish

approx. 15 m²/l

thin tape

imitating joints