available colours:

phases of the effect application:

phase I: Add Rust Activator into Industrial Rust plaster and stir thoroughly. Apply with a venetian plastering trowel a smooth coat of plaster upon the primed surface. Leaving trowel marks on the surface forms slight shade discolouration of the final effect. Gentle surface smoothening allows to form the effect of Corten Steel.

phase II: Apply the second coat similarly to the first one. CAUTION! Decoration should applied within 2-3 days since the products mixing (after this time activation starts in

a container and material hardens).

In order to inhibit this process, Industrial Rust surface must be covered wit foil supplied in the packaging.

phase III: Coat the surface with Decorative Varnish not earlier than on the second day since application. Note that varnish intensifies colour and the final effect will be darker.

products necessary for the effect application and their average consumption:

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Bonding Primer

approx. 7 m²/kg

Industrial Rust

 approx. 1 m²/kg

Rust Activator

 approx. 50-70 ml/m²  

Decorative Varnish

 approx. 10 m²/l