avaliable colours:

phases of the effect application:

phase I: Apply with a venetian plastering trowel a smooth coat of plaster upon the substrate primed with Bonding Primer.

phase II: Apply with an atomizer the Rust Activator on the plaster coat. Carry out application in phases in case of large surfaces – apply activator on areas 1-2 m² large.

phase III: Gently touch decoration with a sponge in order to collect excessive activator and eliminate damp patches. Leave to dry completely.

phase IV: In order to form more textured surface, approx. after 6 hours, it is possible to apply locally an additional second coat of plaster. It is applied with a sponge. This way one can form points imitating strong sheet corrosion.

phase V: Spray with activator just after application and gently press with a sponge.

phase VI: Coat the surface with Decorative Varnish not earlier than on the second day since application. Application of varnish stops the process of corrosion – the longer the plaster corrodes the prettier and more diversified colours will form.

products necessary for the effect application and their average consumption:

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Bonding Primer

approx. 7 m²/kg

Industrial Rust

approx. 1 m²/kg

Rust Activator

50-70 ml/m²  


Decorative Varnish

approx. 10 m²/l